What bills did Paul Ryan co-sponsor in the current Congress?


One way to better understand Paul Ryan is to look at the bills that he has co-sponsored in this Congress. Here is a list:

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What I install, wth Ubuntu 12.04


This is what I use with Ubuntu or Lbuntu 12.04.

One of the first things I install is the synaptic package manager. I turn on Canocial partner repositories, and then add the following packages.


  • acroread
  • chromium
  • cups-pdf
  • gedit plugins
  • grsync
  • nautilus-dropbox
  • skype
  • ubuntu-restriced-addons, ubuntu-restricted-extras


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Share of foreign utility patent grants, USPTO


Since 1981, the share of utility patents granted to foreign owned inventors and companies has exceeded forty percent. Since 2008, the foreign share has exceeded fifty percent.

Among the largest corporate filers, the foreign share was higher. In 2011, the top 25 corporate filers were from three countries, the United States, Japan and Korea. The foreign share among the top 5 corporate filers was 67 percent in 2011. The foreign share among the top 25 corporate filers was 57 percent.

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Solved: Getting wireless to work with Ubuntu on the Aspire One 772


I have spent the last few days trying to iron out problems with the Acer Aspire One 772, and Ubuntu. I purchased the AO772 for $299.99. It weighs around 3.5 pounds, has a nice screen and a decent keyboard and touchpad.

I began by installing the Ubuntu 12.04 daily build, which worked fine at first, but subsequently experienced session ending freezes. I then tried to an earlier Beta version of 12.04, and then the more stable 11.10 version, and in each case, I would end up with session ending freezes. None of the these problems appear when I boot under Windows 7.

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The cost of Keith Olbermann and Current TV, via FIOStv


I just asked Verizon how much it could cost to get Current TV, so I can watch Keith Olbermann's show. For me, the answer is $25 per month. This was my live chat with Verizon:

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Upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10, using Gnome classic as the user interface


I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10, without using Unity.

First, I installed "gnome-session-fallback"

I logged out and back in using Gnome Classic.

I added launcher-icons to the top panel by alt-rightclick on the panel. When I tried to use the kill icon, everything stopped working.

I would not recommend that anyone upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 at this point. I don't know what is going on with Ubuntu these days.... but making it faster and more stable seem to have a lower priority.

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GOP field narrows, Romney breaks out: as seen by Intrade odds, Sep 9 to Oct 7, 2011


Romney is up, a lot. Perry starts high but fades, and losing a lot of ground to Romney. Herman Cain rising, but for how long? Christie and Palin drop out. No one else seems to have much of a chance.

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Intrade odds for Perry dip, now at 18 percent to win Nomination


Intrade.com is a betting site. Romney has widened his lead in the Intrade betting odds for the GOP nomination, while Perry prices continue to fall. Chris Christie, a non-candidate, is now up to 10.8% Herman Cain now leads Palin, who has fallen to 4 percent. The Intrade odds of Christie entering the race are 24%.

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HG Wells, on the Trinity


Today I found myself reading HG Well's 1921 3rd edition of the Outline of History, and noticed these quotes:


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